About the Bairs Foundation

The Bairs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps people suffering as a result of a catastrophic accident. We provide financial assistance to families that need help paying for basic living expenses during the course of litigation.

The for-profit, non-recourse industry is unregulated. Many participants in the litigation finance industry have business models that make the cost of capital exorbitant for plaintiffs. But access to capital for families in emergencies or in dire circumstances (even at very costly rates) is still better than letting go of their sole asset: their lawsuit. Funding families in need during the course of litigation is critical to the civil justice system. The Bairs Foundation provides low-cost access to capital so families have the resources to go the distance with their lawsuit. We offer low, simple interest in the name of the Seventh Amendment.

Life keeps happening even in the face of a personal trauma or illness. Bills, expenses, medical costs, student loans, and everything else are mounting. The Bairs Foundation brings together the resources, expertise and vision to find the right funding and front-end counseling to help people throughout the legal process. Clarity is critical to success. The team communicates with families on a level that ensures they are making informed decisions about their financial future.

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Our Team

John Bair
John BairCo-Founder
John has guided thousands of plaintiffs through the settlement process. Motivated by his desire to assist others in protecting their financial well-being, John has tapped into his network of experienced trial lawyers from across the U.S. for advice and guidance, and is proud to form Bairs Foundation.
Amy Bair
Amy BairCo-Founder
Amy has participated in the civil justice community for two decades, supporting the American Association for Justice and other public justice events and organizations. Amy has her master’s degree in elementary education, and as a mother of three, she brings family planning experience and perspective.
Rachel Mathews
Rachel MathewsExecutive Director
Rachel is honored to be serving as the Executive Director of the Bairs Foundation. Rachel brings five years of start-up experience as well as three years in the legal field. A Peace and Justice Studies major, Rachel has always been an advocate for helping those in need.
Joel Feroleto
Joel FeroletoBoard Member
Joel serves on the board of the foundation. Joel received his Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo Law School, and he is also an alumni of Canisius College. He serves on the Buffalo Common Council representing the Delaware District, and he is Of Counsel at Feroleto Law, a plaintiffs litigation firm.
John Richmond
John RichmondBoard Member
John is proud to serve on the board of the foundation. Since 2009, John has devoted his legal career to the representation of those who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of others. John is currently an attorney at Lipsitz & Ponterio, LLC, a plaintiff’s personal injury firm in Buffalo, NY.
Ashleigh Then
Ashleigh ThenBoard Member
Ashleigh has over eight years of experience in the non-profit sector, focusing on community empowerment and economic development. Currently a consultant for Cubex LLC, a software development company, Ashleigh is eager to merge her non-profit and start-up experience to continue to help serve families in need.
Chris Keller
Chris KellerBoard Member
Chris Keller has over eight years in the growth marketing space, spending the majority of his time growing start-up companies, internally, for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Chris is currently the CEO of Rightly Marketing, a marketing agency focused on building attention through customer experience.