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All Plaintiffs Deserve to Go the
Distance with Their Lawsuit


Helping People in Need as They Pursue Justice

The Bairs Foundation provides the financial assistance plaintiffs and their families need to pay for basic living expenses during litigation. We offer non-recourse advances with low, simple interest, so people in need can go the distance against deep-pocket defendants. 


Join Us in Promoting a New Funding Model

The Bairs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization looking to revolutionize the plaintiff-funding industry. Lawsuit lending provides funds to people who need help covering immediate living or medical expenses during litigation. Most companies provide non-recourse advances at high interest rates, exploiting those who have experienced a catastrophic event and are awaiting justice. Our foundation provides funding with low, simple interest.


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Please help us improve families’ lives by investing in their success and by helping us build a sustainable not-for-profit model.

Client & Attorney Testimonials

“The Bairs Foundation has helped several of my clients in their dire moment of need. I would recommend their services to anyone.”

Kevin M.


“Can’t thank them enough.”

Cindy J.

Past Client

“They are Great People doing Great Things.”

Matthew H.


“Rachel and her team are professional, efficient and responsive.”

Ken R.


“Finally! An organization dedicated to compassion, professionalism and client service. The Bairs Foundation truly puts people over profits.”

Paula B.


“I was in a car accident and got behind in my bills. They were there for me and my family.”

Louise H.

Past Client

“Bairs Foundation is a stupendous organization! I am severely disabled with high bills from needing to pay caregivers to care for me. In my time of need, Bairs came through. “

Nikki D.

Past Client

“The Bairs Foundation is a tremendous resource for our clients.”

Adam R.


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