The Bairs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide plaintiffs with low-cost access to capital to assist them in their time of need. In an effort to bring fairness to the non-recourse industry, we provide pre-settlement advances at 7% simple interest.

We have gathered some resources to help explain what we do, how we plan to grow, and why the third-party funding industry needs us.

Natural Allies: Philanthropy & Civil Legal Aid

The Public Welfare Foundation and The Kresge Foundation compiled a report on civil legal aid based on information drawn from a diverse group of research, interviews, and reports.


A description of the foundation, its goals, and the opportunities we see for social impact.

Foundation Card Deck

An interactive "card deck" that explains how we operate, our low interest rates, and how to get involved.

Overview of Alternative Litigation Financing in the United States

An overview of U.S. alternative or third-party financing based on research conducted by RAND Corporation.
“Our clients’ injuries often leave them in dire financial situations, without access to traditional credit/lending – an easy target for predatory and usurious lenders. The Bairs Foundation has stepped in and provided simple interest loans to many of our clients facing these difficulties.”
“[The Bairs] Foundation is a stupendous organization! I am severely disabled with high bills from needing to pay caregivers to care for me. In my time of need Bair came through. Not only were they able to supply my financial request but their rates were impossible to beat and their compassion in how they handled me as a customer was personable and genuine.”
“As a trial lawyer I look for companies that have the best combination of ethics and excellence. The Bairs Foundation has both and truly protects my clients who are in the most vulnerable situations.”
“They treated my clients with compassion and took the time to collaborate with me and the clients to determine how best to address their needs. I am so grateful they are doing this work!”
Kathleen, Facebook Review

Seek Financial Help Through the Bairs Foundation

If you’re struggling to make ends meet during litigation, we may be able to help. Here are the steps below to get started.

  • Apply for funding through our online form.
  • After submitting your request for funding, please contact your attorneys to inform them of your request and give them permission to speak to us about your case.
  • The Bairs Foundation team will review your situation. Please note that it may take several days for us to give you an update on your request.
  • If we can help, our team will work with you to determine how much funding is needed. It’s important to us to provide only what you’ll need.