The Bairs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization. Our pre-settlement advances help individuals cover their life essentials while they await litigation.

We seek to bring more humanity, compassion and ethical goodwill into the civil justice community by providing the necessary funding for plaintiffs on a not-for-profit basis. We have launched a movement through which lawyers can further serve their clients.

Contributing to our foundation will allow us to help more and more people as our foundation grows. There are many ways to join the cause. Consider becoming a member of the Bairs Foundation, making a one-time donation, or partnering as a fellow nonprofit.

Help us change the industry.

The Bairs Foundation helps keep people out of poverty while they seek justice. We provide low-cost financial assistance so families can cover basic living expenses and see their lawsuit through to its just end.
The Bairs Foundation is the only non-profit organization in the country that provides financial support to plaintiffs only.
We base our interest rate on the Wall Street Journal U.S. Prime Rate, plus 6.5%, adjusted on a monthly basis. The interest rate for the month is predicated on what prime is at on the first day of the month. As of June 1, 2019, the interest is 12% simple interest.

Bairs Foundation Funding

Donate to Our Campaign

Make a one-time donation to our crowd-funding campaign. By clicking the link, you will be directed to a secure external site.

Bairs Foundation Funding

Become a Member

Provide ongoing support for the Bairs Foundation by becoming a member. We offer membership opportunities designed to fit everyone.

Bairs Foundation Funding

Partner as a Nonprofit

By collaborating with our foundation, you’ll be raising awareness and serving your own constituencies at the same time.

We are looking to revolutionize the plaintiff-funding industry, and we need your help. Lawsuit lending provides funds to people who need help covering immediate living or medical expenses during litigation. Most companies provide non-recourse advances at high interest rates – sometimes more than 150 percent – exploiting people who have experienced a catastrophic event and are awaiting justice. Our nonprofit provides these advances with low, simple interest.

We know other stakeholders in the civil justice community have seen how plaintiffs have been taken advantage of by a non-recourse industry with exorbitant interest rates. It’s time to become a part of the change. Contribute to our efforts to establish a system where everyone can thrive. Your charitable donations will go directly to those in need, helping us fund advances for those awaiting their lawsuit and struggling to make it to the end of litigation. By contributing, you are helping to change the nature of the plaintiff funding industry to one that includes fairness and accountability.

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Your support matters.

The Bairs Foundation supports individuals and families who are pursuing justice by going through a lawsuit, and who need help making ends meet while they do so. As the very first 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization in the plaintiff-funding industry, your support is critical to our success in funding families nationwide and influencing other non-profits to replicate our model.

By contributing to our foundation, you have added your voice as a champion for civil justice. Your contribution will directly create a positive impact for a family in need. Thank you for your support.